Be in this world like a traveler

“Be in this world like a traveler’ . I never really understood what it meant, even though I named my blog that. It’s a concept that I am beginning to understand only because I have a bit of experience now. To me it means to be detached ,not only material things but to people and […]

It’s not personal it’s business

Business agreements, business partnerships, business meetings its all part of the hustle of trying to survive in this capitalistic world we live in. It’s survival of the fittest and everyone is just trying to make a quick buck so they can live their ‘best lives’. Trade is normal and it’s been around forever, even our […]

Seasons come and go

بِسْم الله الرحمان ارحيم Hope you are all well,that you had a beautiful Ramadhaan filled with goodness and May it be accepted. Ameen. So lately I’ve gone through so many changes in my life I literally feel like a completely different human being but in a good way. See I am not a person who […]

Sweet and short

What’s short, that we take for granted and by the time you know it,it’s over? Life. I’ve always believed in happiness and loving people endlessly. What I also learnt at a very young age is that , you do not know when your last moment is or when you are spending a final moment with […]

Never a failure always a lesson

Who wants to fail?! Nobody wants to fail and it’s a reality. Failing in any aspect of life is always looked down upon. I hate failing it makes me feel awful, but have you noticed the feeling you get after the regret. You feel determined. Determined to do better than the last time. Failure is […]

Road to recovery

This is to all those that have experienced sickness or are still sick and for those who would want to know how to deal with the emotional roller coaster that comes with it. Usually when we fall sick we worry about how to recover physically and don’t really look into the way it affects us […]