Be in this world like a traveler

“Be in this world like a traveler’ . I never really understood what it meant, even though I named my blog that. It’s a concept that I am beginning to understand only because I have a bit of experience now. To me it means to be detached ,not only material things but to people and […]

Road to recovery

This is to all those that have experienced sickness or are still sick and for those who would want to know how to deal with the emotional roller coaster that comes with it. Usually when we fall sick we worry about how to recover physically and don’t really look into the way it affects us […]

Open letter to the family I have neglected

As I a sit at the supper table with my family. The laughter echoes the passages, with no worry in the world that moment is perfect. I go to bed in peace with a full stomach and comfortable bedding. Ya Allah! How ignorant am I ? That I forget my brothers and sisters in Sudan,Palestine,Somalia,Syria, […]

Flashback to sometime after Ramadhaan

Salaams Hope you all had a blessed Ramadhaan and Eid filled with nothing but joy and happiness. I personally miss Ramadhaan the same way you’d miss your best friend or your mother. One thing that we usually lack after Ramadhaan is to keep the same level of motivation and passion. Alhamdullilah I had a jam […]

Confessions of a “newbie” “niqabie”

  The title totally gives it away, this is not a rant post but an appreciation post and a bit of insight of what my experience has been lately. Alhamdullilah, through the grace and help of Allah I decided to don the niqaab and it’s been a lovely, peaceful experience,much better than I had imagined […]