Be in this world like a traveler

“Be in this world like a traveler’ . I never really understood what it meant, even though I named my blog that. It’s a concept that I am beginning to understand only because I have a bit of experience now. To me it means to be detached ,not only material things but to people and […]

Confessions of a “newbie” “niqabie”

  The title totally gives it away, this is not a rant post but an appreciation post and a bit of insight of what my experience has been lately. Alhamdullilah, through the grace and help of Allah I decided to don the niqaab and it’s been a lovely, peaceful experience,much better than I had imagined […]

Story time

Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatlahi Wabrakatu This year has been an amazing journey one of the best years to date, Alhamdullilah. It’s been a year of change, new friends and most importantly a journey towards knowing Allah. Alhamdullilah, I had the opportunity to work with a sister and discuss the journey towards niqaab. Her blog has been […]

‘Tis my favorite time of the year

Ramadhaan is the best time of the year, I look forward to the Taraweeh, Quran Tilawat. The whole vibe just makes me so happy and brings back memories I had of Ramadhaan as a kid. Some people might think my hype for Ramadhaan is a bit annoying but the thought of Ramadhaan is so pleasing. […]

Blog Hiatus

In and out, up and down, round and round. The description of what my life has been lately. This is not a rant about how hectic life is but rather a token of appreciation. I might not have all the time in the world but I can truly say that I am living my best […]

To trust or not to trust

Trust is a delicate object, which people have lost the value of. Mistrust and backstabbing is the order of the day. So how do we even keep friends? I for one take very long to trust people and if I do you must be doing something right. It takes a second to break trust and […]

Lyrics and rhythm

اسلام عليكم Where to now? I have always been your average Muslim girl who was brought up like in home where Islam has always been emphasized but like any teenager we tend to loose our selves because we always feel we are not understood. Alhamdulillah wearing the hijab for me was never difficult and I […]